A Letter from a Parent


I wanted to take a minute to tell you about an experience my daughter had this year at your school.

S_____ came to my husband & I in the beginning of the year asking for money to make an “electric guitar.”  At first we were like yeah ok, we’ll see.

I started to read about the programs offerings & as I read I couldn’t believe what Mr. Friedman had gone through in order for him to offer this to the students!  The more I read the more impressed I became! I thought to myself, “What an amazing opportunity for these students to design, build & keep these guitars!”

These kids come from an age where EVERYTHING is just handed to them, I try my hardest to teach my kids about working for something & seeing the value in ALL things.  As well as teaching them to appreciate the things thats are given to them, as they are a privilege & not a requirement.

I felt as though $175.00 was a small price to pay for such big life experience & honestly, I would have paid even more if was asked too.  I believe this program shows kids what hard work REALLY is & what goes into the things we buy, by taking them on the journey of the “before” it arrived at the store.

S____ from day 1 has taken one this project with such eagerness & pride. As I write this I could cry thinking of her proud face EVERY NIGHT as she tells me about Mr. Friedman’s class & shows me the pictures of her accomplishments.

This guitar my daughter built from a slab of wood is beautiful, well crafted & fully functional. She is so proud & is asking for lessons.  I also think it’s not just a guitar,I believe it’s a symbol of what amazing things she can accomplish in life & whenever she doubts her abilities she will forever have this guitar as proof of what she’s capable of!

My husband & I had the experience of observing his teaching skills during open wood shop, from our point of view he’s a wonderful teacher who is very good at his craft. He seems to have the correct balance with his students which at their age is hard to accomplish; “you give them an inch they take a mile,” but not in his class.  He is well liked by his students. He treats them as young adults with minds & opinions of their own that matter to him.

I just wanted to let you know how we were all feeling, because unfortunately in more often times than not people take the time to express their negative feelings, experiences, complaints & a lot of positive experiences go without mention.

Thank you for allowing this program at your school, this experience has changed S____ forever in such a positive way & that means more to me then I could ever put in words.

I believe life is made up of moments & boy oh boy what a moment it is going to be tomorrow when she comes home with her HAND MADE electric guitar!!!


To read more about Mr. Michael Friedman’s work, follow these links: 




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